Senior Designer (off day: Thursday )
atYann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria


Zeff- Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

It may be cliche but I truly believe that a haircut can change a person's life. My job is to transform the lives of others, one haircut at a time.

Senior Designer (off day: Thursday )atYann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

Zeff may be a little quiet but don't understimate this budding stylist. Extremely passionate about haircut, Zeff is a stylist who spends any available time thinking and training haircutting techniques and styles to introduce to his clients. Ask him about cuts and you can literally see his eyes light up; whether you're thinking of Korean-style soft layered haircuts to the chic and trendy European-style bob, Zeff has mastered them thanks to the rigorous training under Yann as well as his past experience at a top Korean salon in Singapore. 

Zeff attributes this passion in haircuts to a friend of his; after giving a friend of his a haircut, Zeff personally witnessed how his friend became a lot more self-confident and even becoming more successful at his work. Seeing how his work leaves a positive impact on others, Zeff is continually motivated to hone his skill and do better in that aspect. 

And you can certainly see the hard work he's put in. From the structured way he approaches the cut to the effort he puts in to ensure the consistency within each layer, Zeff has taken every detail into account, a reason why his cut lasts more than 6 weeks for men and even 6 months for ladies. While we may not go as far to say that he is a mini-Yann, his cut definitely exceeds many stylists with equivalent years of experience, a legacy that Yann has painstakingly passed down to his protege. 

If you're one who prefers someone quiet to deliver a top-notch haircut and relaxing head massage, Zeff should definitely be among your top choices for a value-for-money cut at Yann Beyrie!