How to Achieve Suzy Bae's Girl Next Door Vibe on The Startup

Published on Apr 30, 2021

Dubbed as the Nation's First Love, Bae Suzy is one of the few Korean actresses who manage to marry the girl-next-door innocence with va-va-voom sexy, getting her much love from both guys and gals. 

While her positive, never-say-die attitude and her lovely features contribute to being seen as the epitome of a first crush, we think that her hair plays a huge part! So while it may be hard to emulate everything else, hair is definitely one thing we can try.

To help us get started, we've got Jina from Style NA Korean Salon to share with us some hair tips to get Suzy's Girl Next Door vibes.

1. Go for Natural Waves rather than Curls

Suzy Bae Hairstyles in Start Up

Credit: Netflix

Never too intentional, Suzy is often seen in hair that is more wavy more than curly. This gives the impression that she is #bornthisway even though she too had to go for a loose wave perm to achieve this result. 

2. Add Airy bangs

Suzy Bae Hairstyles in Start Up

Credit: Netflix

Maybe because they make up such a huge proportion of the face, bangs can dramatically change your vibe if done right. 

To go for the girl-next-door look, opt for the wispy airy bangs rather than thick blunt bangs to soften the entire look and make you look that bit younger. 

3. Keep your hair long 

Suzy Bae Hairstyles in Start Up

Credit: Netflix

As much as short hairstyles are in trend, most of us still have the stereotype that girls-next-door have long flowy hair that are between chest length to bra-length. Just the image of the wind blowing gently against your hair is enough to get most people going "oohs and ahhs". 

While that exists mostly in our imagination (our hair is more likely to look frazzled in Singapore's climate), it is going to be tough to change this stereotype anytime soon. 

Want to know what you can do to get a Suzy makeover? You can share some of these above tips with your usual hairstylist or even consider getting an actual Korean stylist with lots of experience to help you design one!

If you don't already have someone in mind,consider Jina from Style NA Korean Salon! Always in touch with latest trends, Jina has already helped many ladies in Korea and Singapore achieve the very same hairstyles they see on their favourite celebrities. 

Just look at the gorgeous perm she designed and you'll know why we're so in love.

Natural Digital Soft Perm by Jina From Style NA

Digital Perm by Jina

Want to know what a hair experience with Jina looks like? We follow Agent G, a Korean student studying in Singapore for a perm with Jina. 

The Suzy Bae Perm

Hi, I'm Agent G. I'm Korean and am currently studying in Singapore.

Before Perm at Style NA

I may be in Singapore now but I'm still very much in touch with Korean trends. The artiste I follow most closely is Bae Suzy; she always looks lovely no matter what angle she is shot in and her style just appeals to me. I am not so obsessed to look exactly like her but some part of me really does like the way she dresses and of course her hairstyle. 

Before Perm at Style NA

Whenever I go back to Korea, I will get my hair done in a style similar to Suzy's. With COVID though, I was unable to head back to Korea. This got me searching for a good place to do my annual perm and guess what I chose to go to in the end? Yep,  Style NA Korean Salon

You see, the stylists there are authentically Korean, so its easier for me to communicate with them. The prices are also a shade lower than some other Korean salons in Orchard, so that greatly narrowed my choice. Some friends on a local Korean forum shared that Jina from Style NA Korean Salon was really good so that's who I made the appointment with. 


Jina did not disappoint. 

Instead of jumping straight into the hair service, Jina took the effort to talk to me and understand what I want. In fact, we spent the first few minutes talking about Korea as well as celeb trends before going into the actual consultatoin. Knowing that I'm a Suzy fan, Jina suggested for me to try the loose S wave perm that will give me the waves that Suzy sported on The Startup. 

Hair Consultation at Style NA

To make my hair look a little healthier, Jina suggested trimming the damaged hair ends. She also shares that my hair will look a little shorter than what it looks like now as my hair will curl and scrunch up a little after the perm.

Once Jina made sure that I know exactly what to expect, she then proceeded to the next step of the process: Cut.

Step 1: Haircut

The first thing Jina did was to trim my hair. She divided my hair into 2 portions and started cutting them from the front.

Haircut by Jina at Style NA

Once done, she combed back the hair and continued trimming to finalise the shape. 

Jina mentioned that the haircut is very important as it determines how the waves connect with each other. To make sure that the waves look subtle and natural, she won't be including many layers in the hair so that it won't look overwhelming afterwards.

Step 2: Application of perm lotion

The next step is to apply the perm lotion to my hair.

Maximum Harmony and Andante Perm Lotion For Damaged Hair

As my hair was a little damaged, Jina chose to use a mix of Harmony and Andante to better suit my hair texture.

Application of Perm Lotion at Style NA

Jina also mentioned that the Maximum perm lotion itself comes from Korea and is well known for minimizing damage!

Application of Perm Lotion at Style NA

Once the concoction was complete, Jina started to apply the Maximum cream to my hair. This cream is called the Auto-clock system as it contains ingredients that will automatically stop the processing when the hair becomes too damaged!

Application of Perm Lotion at Style NA

After about 15 minutes, she tested the hair and yay, we're ready to go!

Hair Rinse at Style NA

She brought me to the sink for a rinse.

Step 3: Perm

Back at the seat, Jina blew my hair about 80% dry before starting the curling process.

Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina

She rolled my hair in 25mm rods for the upper part and 20mm rods for the lower part of the hair.

Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina
Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina

Then she attached them to a hanging setting machine.

Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina

As the setting machine hangs the curls from up above, Jina says that it will add more volume to my hair more naturally.

Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina
Hair Curling at Style NA by Jina

Finally she applied heat of approximately 120 degrees to create the desired curls. 

Step 4: Setting the perm

Once the hair was left to cool down, Jina used a straightener to straighten the hair in between the naturally straight hair and the curls.

This helps to give a more natural transition that'll make it look more like I'm born with it!

Getting Korean Soft Perm at Style NA

Once completed, she rolled my hair again and fixed it with small clips.

Getting Korean Soft Perm at Style NA

To fix the new shape into place, Jina then applied generous amounts of neutraliser. 

Application of Neutralizer at Style NA

She let the hair process it for 5 minutes.

Step 5: Wash & style

I'm now at my final step: hair wash!

Hair Wash at Style NA

Jina made sure to shampoo the ends and tails of my hairs during the process to get rid of any residual neutraliser. 

Blow Dry and Hair Styling by Jina at Style NA

Then, she blew my hair dry.

Blow Dry and Hair Styling by Jina at Style NA

Keen to see the final result?

How I Look After Getting Haircut and Digital Korean Soft Perm by Jina at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Haircut and Digital Korean Soft Perm by Jina at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Haircut and Digital Korean Soft Perm by Jina at Style NA

I don't dare to say that I look more like Bae Suzy but after the perm, I think that I look that bit more elegant and graceful than before.

How I Look After Getting Haircut and Digital Korean Soft Perm by Jina at Style NA

I love it!

How I Look After Getting Haircut and Digital Korean Soft Perm by Jina at Style NA

I may not be able to get back to Korea for my perm this year but I'm glad to find Jina who is able to get me the extra volume and waves I'm looking for.

Thank you so much!

Interested to get the full Korean hair salon experience at Style NA Korean Salon

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