What is DigiAir Perm and Why This Baby of Digital Perm + AirWave Perm Will Transform Your Locks

Published on Jun 03, 2020

Perms can be tricky - too gentle and your hair just looks messier than before, too much and you are transformed to a frizz-headed time traveling auntie from the 1960s. Thankfully, new Japanese tech is here to solve the Goldilocks problem and give you a perm that is just right.

What is The DigiAir Perm?

In short, it's the perfect adorable Japanese baby of existing Digital Perm and Airwave perm technology, ditching what didn't work from previous generations of perms and giving you the best of both worlds.

Digital perms use add high heat to cook even the most stubborn hair into the desired shape. However, since heat fundamentally changes the protein makeup of hair, the permed locks can often be stiff and dry - the worst case scenario being the dreaded Maggi Mee texture. Worse, the chemicals used abrade your hair's cuticle and cortex (or in English, the outermost and middle layer) not the medulla (the innermost layer).. So not only do nutrients get continually lost through the damaged cuticle and cause the hair to be weak as a dieting person after leg day, but the core of the hair retains its original straighter shape, meaning that the curls hard won from deep frying your tresses might not even last that long.

Meanwhile, Airwave perms use less heat to create curls, instead using a specialised machine to blow gently heated air currents on your crowning glory to create softer, considerably less damaged curls. The price you pay is your time, as you sit immobile under an airwave perm machine resembling an alien brainwashing device for up to six hours. 

Digiair, however, is the new wind beneath your waves - A new generation Airwave perm that uses wind and even less heat to give your hair those bouncy spirals of gorgeousness. Most importantly, using Cell Membrane Complex treatment, it quickly gets to the literal core of the problem - the hair medulla, thus rapidly prepping even the stiffest hair to take on to take on its dazzling final form. Then your hair is curled with with rods while applying very low heat, and finally your new curls are set by blow drying with lovely cold air - think of glass blowing where the glass is made mouldable with heat and then the moulded shape is cooled down, except this time your hair is the glistening work of art.

Yes, glistening - your hair will shine, because the chemicals do not damage the cuticle and cortex, which equals healthier hair with more nutrients. And also, because the very core of the hair has been shaped to your will, a Digiair perm lasts longer and will see you 

Okay, maybe we've spouted too much hot air. So for a summary that's as quick as the new Digiair perm:

1. Curls are Softer and More moisturized

The DigiAir perm is less damaging than your typical perm because it uses less heat, and doesn't damage your hair cuticles or cortex...it gets right to the point- your hair medulla!

2. Curls Last Longer than Older Generation Airwave Perms

Unlike older generation Airwave Perms that don't react with the medulla (the core of the hair), Digiair changes the core structure of your hair for an enduring, endearing perm.

3. It's suitable even for those with coarse, stiff hair

When you attack the problem at its core the smaller details such as hair texture become gloriously irrelevant. 

4. Suitable for those with damaged hair

Yes, perms still look best on healthy hair but because Digiair is much kinder than other perms, you can even use it on coloured or once-bleached hair for maximum glamour.

5. Your hair cuticles remain healthy

Digiair does not leave little lesions in your cuticles and cortex like tradtitional perms might, meaning your hair will not lose nutrients over time and appear frizzy and fragile.

6. The Perm Takes Less Than 3 Hours

3 hours?? That's half the time an Airwave perm can take! That's because it gets right to the point - the core of each strand of hair.

7. The price is right

People say time is money, so by halving your perm time you're already saving money. But the Digiair actually costs less money-money as well: while perms usually range from $200 to $500 dollars, you can get a haircut, Digiair perm and treatment for $365 at S.A.D's Hair Design!

8. It just looks good.

All in all, the Digiair may be Japanese tech, but it's like your dream North Korean soldier: Strong, but gentle, and to the point. The result is not stiff, artificial locks, but softer curls that are deliciously wavy and natural.

But don't take our word for it. Follow Agent A as she puts her head - or rather, hair - on the block to see if her first DigiAir perm is all it's cracked up to be. 

DigiAir Perm at S.A.D's Japanese Hair Salon

Hi! I'm Agent A, an engineer who works on semi-conductors. Needless to say, I like machines. So when I needed a hair-fix, I was psyched to find out about S.A.D's Hair Design, one of the first few salons in Singapore to bring in the Digiair machine.

While engineering isn't actually a dry subject, my hair is. It's dry and tangled, which is why I'm forced to keep it at a medium length - long enough so that I don't have to style it very much, but short enough so it's not just a mass of split ends.

I've always wanted to add some shape or texture to my hair but was afraid of further damage.

My only concession is the failsafe but far-from-fascinating brown hair dye. 

Then my friend from Beauty Undercover recruited me for a mission: an experiment at S.A.D's Hair Design.

A transforming, quick, fuss-free and affordable perm? Sign me up!

Step 1: Consultation

Upon entering the salon, I immediately thought, 'Airy, modern, relaxed'.

Perfect, because that's exactly what I want from my hairstyle.

My stylist for the day was Shuji. He's this suave Japanese stylist who *umm hmm* looks quite good too!

OK, I'm not that type of bimbo girl who goes for shuai stylists, just that there really aren't many of them. 

He didn't just look modern and relaxed, Shuji is actually very friendly and kind. 

He clearly explained the perm and the steps my hitherto-conservative hair would go through. I felt well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

Very important for someone undertaking her first massive hair transformation! 

Step 2: Haircut

We started with a lovely wash, made more personal because Shuji washed my hair himself.

As you can see, the wash was damn legit as he gave me one of the most shiok hair massage I've gotten thus far. 

Did I mention that I didn't even have to leave the seat? 

All he did was to move the hair wash basin over... I was thoroughly wowed!

Then, it was time to make the cut. 

I wanted to keep my length so Shuji didn't cut too much off. 

Instead, he added some layers and a fringe to frame my face. Shuji explained that this is a crucial step as it determines where the curls starts and ends.

The cut didn't end here though. 

The perfectionist Shuji blew my hair dry and commenced the haircut again on my dry hair. 

And then a few final snips for that perfect shape before the perm!

Step 3: Application of perm lotion

Once the cut is done, Shuji proceeded to perm my hair.

He first sectioned the hair to make application of the perm lotion smoother and more consistent. 

Each section was thoroughly coated in this miracle liquid.

Once that was done, my hair was wrapped in a towel as I waited for the lotion to work its magic.

It's job done, the lotion was rinsed off into the drains, off to seek a new destiny.

Step 4: Perm

Now we enter the final stage!

Clips and cloth dividers were used to section my hair so that every bit would get the deluxe Digiair treatment.

My hair was then wrapped around medium-sized rollers to create those voluminous curls I've heard so much about.

The rollers were then connected to a heating device. The heat was gentle, as promised, and so was Shuji.

I waited for a mere 20 minutes.

Before removing the rollers, Shuji used a hairdryer to blow cold air onto the them to set the curls, and to make sure my hair wouldn't feel too warm against my delicate skin.

One by one, the rollers came undone.

The special neutralizer was then used to fix those new curls (!) in place.

To further define those ringlets, Shuji manually round them around his fingers and clipped them in place.

The final wait before the big reveal!

And now, time to wash everything off and reveal my final form.

Ready to see some results?

I'm in love!

Shuji gave me extra volume without going overboard and overwhelming me with too much curls that make me look old.

Instead, the curls are stylish, super natural and best of all flatters my facial structure and makes me look brighter and more alert.

Final thoughts

It's my first perm and I'm happy to say that it went really well. The curls were EXACTLY what I hoped - natural and felt really soft to the touch too!

The best part is that the perm was really easy to maintain. As Shuji advised, all I need to do is to condition it every day, blowdry while twirling it.. and I'm ready to go! 

Thank you Shuji for the awesome first perm at S.A.D.'s Hair Design. Will definitely be getting my friends to come back here for perms and colours... once the lockdown is over!

Keen to try this new hybrid DigiAir Perm?

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