This Korean Two Block Cut and Ash Colour Can Make Your Hair Look Like a Korean Actor

Published on Apr 30, 2017

Hi, I'm Agent NW.

I'm working as an analyst at a consultancy firm. As I'm not in a client-facing role, I'm given more leeway in the hairstyles that I choose. 

However, I've only gone for haircuts all my life. I've tried the undercut, fade and all that but I've never coloured my hair or done anything really drastic. In fact, most of the time, I go for express haircuts as my hair grows really quickly. Still, I've always thought about going for more sculpted haircuts and a colour since I'm still young, right? 

As I'm going overseas to attend a relative's wedding soon, I asked Agent G what I could do with my hair. She asked if I'm game for a Korean Two-Block Cut and Colour as she wanted to test the skill of a specific Korean stylist at Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

This isn't an opportunity that always comes by so I said yes!

I arranged the appointment for Saturday morning. The salon at Parkway Parade looked really nice and spacious. 

This place must be quite popular as it was already quite crowded by 11am. Jade was already waiting for me by the time I reached. He took a look at my hair and asked me a few questions

("Do I usually style my hair?" "What style am I comfortable with?"). 

Although he's Korean, his command of English is surprisingly quite good. 

I shared with him about my concerns and he promised to give me a trendy but easy to style Korean Two-Block Haircut. He shared that the Korean two-block cut is suitable for me as it will make my crown look more voluminous and increase the height of my hair, lengthening my face. It is also very versatile so I can style it various ways.

We also talked about the kind of colour I should get. I'm pretty open with colours but I definitely don't want to look ah beng afterwards. We eventually decided on an ash colour base with some bleached highlights at the front for a 3-dimensional look. 

Some photos before I begin the service: 

Apologies for the stone-face, still a little tired at 1030am. 

As you can see, my hair is really very long after just 2 weeks of not cutting. 

Can't wait to get rid of all that weight on the head!

1. Haircut

He started with the clippers, sculpting the hair to his desired shape.

He followed up with scissors to achieve the detail he's thinking about. 

As my hair is pretty tough, he left some parts of the hair to be trimmed after hair colour. This is because application of the colour will soften the hair and make it easier to achieve a more natural cut.

2. Bleaching 

The next step is bleaching. 

I was a little nervous at this stage. I have never coloured my hair before and didn't know what to expect and how the colour would turn out.

I knew that I could easily cut my hair if the colour did not turn out the way I wanted but Jade repeatedly assured me that I would still be able to go to work without getting weird looks from colleagues after the colour.

Heat was applied to accelerate penetration of the bleach. This is probably the closest I'll get to being an X-Men, I think! Ha!

After he was satisfied at how much the black pigments were removed, he sent me for a hair wash. 

Wah...will my hair colour really look as bright as this?

3. Hair Colour

Jade mentioned that he will mix a special ash colour for me.

The application of colour may, however, hurt a little because my scalp seems a little sensitive.

True enough, I felt the sting soon after the hair colour was applied. 

No complaining from me coz I am taking it like a man! isn't that painful to be exact and it does get better over time.

Still, I was glad when the colour was ready to be washed off.

4. Trim

The hair service was not done yet.

As Jade promised, he would have to trim it a little after the colour.

As you can see, my hair is a lot more brown now!

5. Blowdry

It was finally time to blowdry my hair.

Before blowdrying and while blowdrying, Jade used his hands to "squish" the hair to give it a bit more curls and prepare it for styling.

This is a common technique used by hairstylists for a more texturized look.

He also taught me how to apply wax and style it properly.

This is how it looks!

The streak of yellow at the front is replaced by an ashy brown that is slightly brighter than the base colour. Very tastefully done!

This is how it looks like from the side. I don't often style my hair so glamorously but it is certainly a new look that makes me look more like...David Beckham?

The haircut also looks very good with the hair clearly swept to one side for the two-block cut. 

Never tried it before but I think it suits me!

Overall Thoughts

I'm extremely pleased with the haircut and colour! I'm glad Jade did such a great job!

My wife commented that the colour somehow makes me look more Ang Moh, which I think is a compliment. Ever since the haircut, I also found it easier to style my hair and coordinate my wardrobe.

As it has been more than a week since the hair colour, the colour started fading a little. However, it faded to a more natural colour which I like! Overall, the colour seems to be holding well. If you're bored of your usual hairstyle, I'll definitely recommend you to give the Korean Two-Block Cut and Ash Colour a go.

It gets friends and colleagues talking about your new hairstyle and yet is professional enough for most occupations.

Don't forget to request for Korean Stylist, Jade if you're thinking of going to Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade.

I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with his service or his skill!

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