3 Ways to Spice Up Your Hair Colour, Even with a Strict Hair Code

Published on Nov 14, 2019

Finding a work-appropriate hair colour can be difficult, especially if you're more expressive but your company is strict.

If you're hoping to spice up your hair for the festive season but still want to keep within your company's hair code, here are 3 ways you can do so! 

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Hair... Even with a Strict Hair-Code

1. Inner Hair Colour

It might be difficult to hide a whole head of brightly coloured hair, but with the help of creative highlights such as subtle babylights or hidden peekaboo colours, you'll be able to dye your hair funky colours while looking professional!

Inner hair colours are also longer lasting because they are exposed to less sun, physical touch and water. You also don't have to get the roots touched up as often since they're hidden in the under layers. 

Peekaboo Pastel (DebyZen) by Mane Made

Pastel Inner Colour by Mane Made Hair Studio

BONUS: Choose a Subtle Colour

Ideally, choose a subtle colour (other than neon pink or yellow) so that it doesn't peek through your hair even when you leave it down!

2. Funky Haircut

Instead of colour, why not change up your cut? An asymmetrical haircut adds a quirky touch to typical hairstyles without looking too advant garde. You can take it up a notch with an inner shave. Not only will it make you feel cooler and lighter, you'll look cool and edgy when you tie your hair and show it off too!

Funky Haircut by Mane Made

Haircut by Mane Made Hair Studio

3. Styling

Temporary fixes are a wonderful option if you can't choose just one hairstyle. Fancy curly hair one day and straight hair the next? No problem. You can also braid your hair and add hair accessories outside of work to change up your look and make your hairstyle look fancier.

Peekaboo Hair Colour Braided Style at Mane Made

Does your company have a strict work-code? We recently met Agent S, a retail associate at a luxury brand boutique, where a bag can retail for up to a 6-digit figure. You can imagine that her work-code is very strict in such a company... but does it mean that Agent S can't have some festive hair-fun for the holidays? Her regular stylist at Mane Made Hair Studio doesn't think so. 

Read on to find out what he has in store for her! 

Agent S' Makeover

Hi, I'm Agent S. Everytime I go overseas, I like to try the hair salons there so I end up with long hair that was bleached with many funky colours. My hair however reached its limit after I permed my hair in Korea. It got so damaged, it was impossible to hold on to any hairstyle.

When I returned to Singapore, I decided to chop it all off and colour it dark. Guess where I turned to for advice?

Beauty Undercover of course! It is to me the foremost unbiased website for hair salons. I was browsing through the many salons when I came across Mane Made. The pricing looked alright and it's pretty close to where I live (yay!), so I made an appointment and went down. 

And I must say, I really liked it! Unlike most other local salons I've tried, Zen attended to me from the start of my appointment until the end. He cracked a few jokes which was sometimes lame TBH but I liked how he was attentive and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire experience. I also liked how he actually listen to what I say and incorporate it into the haircut, so I felt that my opinions were valued. 

As a result, I got the kind of hairstyle I love: a professional bob cut that looks good from all angles. 

Short Haircut by Mane Made
Short Haircut by Mane Made
Short Haircut by Mane Made

Mind you, it's been weeks since my last cut and my hair still looks so good - so kudos to Zen's awesome technique! I really like his cut, style and service - the entire package, so ever since I found him, I haven't been to other salons for over a year now

Maybe because my hair looked so professional afterwards, I managed to get a position as a frontline staff at a luxury brand boutique. Still, there are days when I look back at my photos and wish the crazy times my hair was funky-coloured. I shared my thoughts with Zen and coincidentally he asked if I would be keen to be his model. He's been having a few of such requests from customers who want something different from their usual colour but still can be something worn to work. 

That sounds like exactly what I need, so I said yes!

Step 1: Consultation

He arranged the makeover day on my day off. The salon is really small but I don't mind since there are only like 3 seats inside, so it feels very cozy indeed. 

Hair Consultation at Mane Made

*Don't mind my stone face

As usual, Zen started the service with a consultation. Although I'm a regular customer, he still takes the effort to ask me what I am hoping to do and get my opinion. As I'm hoping to get something work-friendly, not too loud, Zen suggested to go for brown colour with ash green highlights. This way, even if my hair accidentally gets flipped up, I won't be in hot soup with my supervisor. 

That sounds good, so let's go!

Step 2: Bleach

Since we're going to do some highlights, the next step is to apply bleach on the designated areas.

Hair Bleaching at Mane Made

It was going to be a panel highlight so Zen bleached a small section of hair. 

Hair Bleaching at Mane Made

To prevent the bleach from damaging my scalp, Zen also avoided my roots to prevent scalp irritation.

The process was pretty fast as he only bleached the inner parts of my hair. To accelerate the process, he wrapped the sections up with aluminium foil to increase the temperature lightly. 

Hair Bleaching at Mane Made

All I had to do now was wait!

Step 3: Wash

After about half an hour, it was time for the shampoo.

Hair Wash at Mane Made

The shampoo was done by Zen's wife and assistant. She is always very gentle so I love getting my hair washed my her!

Hair Wash at Mane Made

At this step, toner was also applied to make the hair colour less yellow!

Hair Wash at Mane Made

Step 4: Colour

Back at the seat, Zen blew my hair dry and got ready for the next step: colour!

Hair Colour at Mane Made

Apparently, they're not just using any colour by the famous expensive hair colour #mydentity from Guy Tang!

Hair Colour at Mane Made

Section by section, the dye was applied to my hair until it was all covered.

Hair Colour at Mane Made

Step 5: Wash

My hair was then washed to remove all the dye. She does a damn good job at head massage, I must say!

Hair Wash at Mane Made

Next, she rinsed the shampoo off thoroughly. 

Hair Wash at Mane Made

Step 6: Treatment

That wasn't all. 

Hair Treatment After Colour at Mane Made

Back at the seat, Zen applied a scalp tonic on my scalp. This helps to reduce any irritation that I may experience during the colouring process.

Hair Treatment After Colour at Mane Made

He then gave me another lovely massage to distribute the scalp tonic.

Hair Treatment After Colour at Mane Made

This part was heavenly! Loved how the tonic cooled the scalp and how shiok the massage was!

Zen then applied hair treatment to the rest of the hair to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Hair Treatment After Colour at Mane Made

Then, I had to wait for 20 minutes so the product could penetrate my hair cuticles.

Step 7: Wash

Time for the final wash!

Final Hair Wash at Mane Made

Ready to see my new look?

There we go!

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made
How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made
How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made
How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

It looks absolutely work-friendly on the outside... 

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made
How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

But look what happens when I flip it over.

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

All I need to do is to braid the top section of hair and I'll be able to show off the colour. 

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

Thank you Zen for such an amazing job!

I've never tried ash but you made it look so gorgeous, I can't wait to let my family and friends take a look! 

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

Overall Thoughts

Soooo glad I found Zen! I've always been very fussy about the stylist I go to and I'm elated to find such a skillful one so close to my home! 

Whether it's cut or colour, Zen does everything so beautifully, he makes me look forward the transformation for every visit. 

How I Look After Getting Peekaboo Hair Colour at Mane Made

I really enjoy my time at Mane Made Hair Studio and hope that you too will uncover Zen's talent and get the hairstyle of your dreams right here! 

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