What is Facial Aromatherapy and Why This is THE Must-Try Organic Facial at Organics Beauty

Published on Nov 22, 2021

You may heard about aromatherapy and how regular usage of aromatic essential oils can help you relax and induce a calmer state of mind. 

But did you know that you can incorporate aromatherapy in facials to target various skin concerns as well? 

What is Facial Aromatherapy?

Facial Aromatherapy is the use of aromatherapy within facials to help enhance your skin condition. Although the initial focus is on the skin, the effects are multi-faceted. The right essential oil can help to regulate endocrine system, reduce irritation to the mind and stimulate the healing powers of your own body to boost overall wellness and immunity.

It is precisely this power that got the founder of Organics Beauty Shizuka so excited about essential oils. 

The universe gave us so many wondrous gifts in the form of plants and essential oils. Take for example lavender. We know that they're best known for inducing sleep and relaxation but did you know that it can calm down and hydrate sensitive skin as well? Instead of using Retinol-A which can be harmful to your body, you can also turn to natural herbs like rosemary and clary sage to control acne and keep excess sebum at bay. As for reducing acne scarring and wrinkles, pomegranate and carrot seed oil are super effective. The powers of nature are wondrous but we do need to spend time and effort to uncover it for ourselves.

Seeing how essential oils have improved her own health and those around her, Shizuka dedicated her life to study herbs and essential oils and use her knowledge and skills for the betterment of others lives - starting with beauty.

How is the Aromatherapy Facial here different from other places?

Given Shizuka's strong belief in essential oils, it is not surprising to find that one of their signature services here is the Aromatherapy Facial. Whether you're pregnant, breast-feeding, have sensitive skin or simply just wish to live more cleanly, you'll LOVE the aromatherapy facial here Organics Beauty.

All the ingredients used for this facial (and all other facials here) are 100% free from chemicals as they are sourced directly from plants and minerals. In fact, Shizuka goes one step further to use high-quality essential oils directly purchased from France to ensure the highest level of efficacy. . 

Because of the usage of high quality ingredients, accurate diagnosis of skin conditions and amazing massages, customers will tell you that the facials here really work. Along with a refreshed body and mind, your face will look and feel brighter for 4-6 weeks after. something we seldom experience with any other facials. 

Sounds too good to be true? Follow new Mom Agent A as she experiences the Japanese Aromatherapy Facial at Organics Beauty for the first time. 

First Japanese Aromatherapy Facial at Organics Beauty

Hello, I'm Agent A, a civil servant and a new mom.

aromatherapy facial singapore

My son may have just entered my life 10 months ago but he changed my life so much, I simply can't imagine life without him.

That doesn't mean motherhood is a bed of roses of course. Far from it.

As I juggle between work and family, I really don't have time to keep up with my usual skincare routine.

aromatherapy facial singapore

In fact, I haven't been taking care of my skin at all. You see, I'm still breastfeeding. To make sure that my son doesn't get any side effects from chemicals, I shy away from facial products with too much chemicals. I don't know if you can see from the photo, this has caused my skin to become really dry over the past few months.  

aromatherapy facial singapore

In fact, my skin has become so dry that one of my close friends talked to me about it.

This got me thinking, could I go somewhere... a facial salon perhaps to help me deal with my facial issues?

While googling, I came across the Japanese Post Natal Facial Massage at Organics Beauty.

aromatherapy facial singapore

From the article, the entire experience looks exquisite AND they use 100% organic ingredients, making it safe even for breastfeeding mothers. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

This sounds perfect!

Thanks to my husband, I managed to find some time for myself on a weekday morning and therefore made an appointment to head down.

Consultation at Organics Beauty

aromatherapy facial singapore

The salon is located in Delfi Orchard. The building looks a little run-down from the outside but once I located the salon, it felt like home. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

I was greeted immediately by the very warm and motherly Hana who ushered me to a seat. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

She didn't immediately ask me about my skin condition or what I want for my skin but simply chatted with me. It's been many months since someone asked me about me, not about my baby and how he's doing, but me and how I'm coping as a new mother and so, I was thankful.

Hana saw me for me, my tiredness and insecurities amidst the love for my child and my growth as a mother and it is in this moment of empathy that I felt comfort.

Within the first few moments of talking to Hana, I knew that I'll be able to find what I'm looking for here.

To make the consultation a tad bit more systematic, Hana got me to fill up a detailed form so she could understand what my concerns are. She then proceeded to do a diagnostic scan for me using the very sophisticated machine pictured here.

aromatherapy facial singapore
Angela, you don't have to worry! See, your face is in a good condition. Yes, the skin is dry around the sides of the face and the T-zone is a tad bit oily but that's the same for most of us. I'm starting to see some pigmentation as well but there is definitely things we can do to make it less obvious. ~ Hana
aromatherapy facial singapore

I don't know how to describe it but I feel a sense of lightness and happiness right after she said that. You see, I've been to many salons where the facial therapist will disparage my skin condition before going ahead to upsell me a more expensive facial but here, there was none of that here at Organics Beauty.  

There was zero, totally NO negative remarks at all nor any upselling. In every word spoken, I could tell that Hana genuinely feels what I'm feeling and that made me feel so much more taken care of. 

Now that I have a better idea of your facial condition, your skin concerns and how you feel inside, I would like to focus today's aromatherapy facial on 3 areas: 1) balancing of hormones to promote healing after your delivery 2) improvement of your digestive system as well as 3) relaxation and uplifting for overall emotional wellness. ~ Hana

According to Hana, one's facial condition is often a symptom of internal balance within the body and that includes the state of your emotions, your hormones and your bodily functions. Many new moms who just delivered their child tend to experience mood swings and tiredness as their bodies struggle to return to their pre-natal self with huge changes in hormones. The digestive system is also often upset as moms tend to have the tendency to put the child's feeding needs before their own even as their organs take time to get back to their original position. The lack of sleep and frequent night feeds only add to the physical and emotional stress.

Believing that alleviation of the above would help boost facial glow from inside out, Hana proposes to use a blend of essential oils containing Geranium, Orange, Basil, Lemongrass, Cypress and Lavender throughout the facial to help

1) Restore balance in endocrine / hormonal system

2) Restore balance in digestive system

3) Relaxation and uplifting emotional support

Before she prepared the special blend though, Hana escorted me to the room where I could change out of my clothes.

aromatherapy facial singapore

I changed into a luxurious robe, fully expecting to lie down and start the facial but Hana had other ideas.

She requested for me to sit in a chair and then put a warm herbal compress around my neck. It was a little heavy but the weight somehow comforted me as it felt like a mini hug. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

Once I was ready, Hana brought in a wooden tub and prepared the footbath for me, adding dead sea salt and a mixture of essential oils.

aromatherapy facial singapore

She then gently placed my feet in the footbath. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

A FOOTBATH in a facial? That was a first for me.

Hana mentioned that the footbath warms up the body and in return, enhances the results of the facial massage.

aromatherapy facial singapore

During the footbath, Hana didn't walk away but started sharing with me the powers of the essential oils she mentioned earlier. That is to Hana, the raison d'etre for Organics Beauty's existence: to share about what she learned and know about essential oils so that everyone can harness the powers of nature back at home.

One of the oils she introduced to me was Geranium. Because geranium oil is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil, it helps the skin stay conditioned while soothing irritated or breakout-prone skin. It is also a natural cicatrisant, meaning that it speeds up healing of wounds and helps healthy new skin cells to regenerate more quickly, making it perfect to treat scar tissue and the dark spots and marks left by acne. Those with oily skin will also love how it reduces excess oil and rebalances the skin. Beyond its skin benefits, Geranium is also well known for reducing anxiety and is effective even in the fight against depression.

aromatherapy facial singapore

I didn't know much about essential oils before this but Hana's extensive explanation piqued my interest. Maybe I'll look at incorporating some of these oils as part of my massages for my son.

The Unforgettable Aromatherapy Facial Begins

After the warm footbath and herbal compress, my body felt all relaxed and my eyes closed naturally as I lay down on the bed. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

I took a whiff of the aromatic rose oils and fell deeper into slumber. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

At this point, not even the himalayan bells could wake me up. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

The next step was cleansing. First, Hana applied an organic cleansing lotion

aromatherapy facial singapore

and then gently wiped them off to get rid of the impurities on my face.

aromatherapy facial singapore

Hana then activated the steam machine which helps to open my pores gently while she applied the enzyme exfoliator.

There is no extraction here at Organics Beauty because both Hana and Shizuka believes in treating our skin gently. However, the enzyme exfoliator uses gentle and natural fruit acids to loosen our dead skin, which will make the removal of dead skin cells with herbal gommage easier later on.

aromatherapy facial singapore

While waiting for the enzyme to penetrate the skin, Hana gave me an awesome head and shoulder massage. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

I've been working from home quite a bit with the laptop and carrying my increasingly heavy LO, so the shoulder massage was definitely very much appreciated. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

After about 10 minutes, she wiped off the enzyme exfoliator.

My face is now ready to be exfoliated, this time with a herbal gommage. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

This herbal gommage is specially mixed by Shizuka to naturally remove dead skin cells without damaging the skin or causing sensitivity. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

Hana applied it gently around my face.

aromatherapy facial singapore

Next, Hana tops it with a silicone mask so that my skin will be able to absorb all the nutrients and goodness from the herbal gommage.

aromatherapy facial singapore

After about 10 minutes, Hana proceeded to remove the herbal gommage.

aromatherapy facial singapore

With the dead skin cells exfoliated, it is time to pamper the face with a generous dose of massage.

aromatherapy facial singapore

Hana first applied a blend of massage oil consisting of Geranium, Cypress and Lavender. With a soothing touch, she massaged it under my eyes, forehead, sides of my face... not leaving any part of my face untouched. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

She then used pincement, a traditional French Anti-Aging Facial Massage to focus on activating the fascia. This is the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle on the face to encourage blood circulation, produce more collagen and deliver more nutrients and oxygen to every part of the facial muscle. From numerous studies, massaging and exercising this area helps to make the skin more taut, reducing the appearance of facial lines!

aromatherapy facial singapore

That wasn't all. Halfway through, Hana replaced her warm fingers with two stones for the lifting massage. 

She shared with me later on that the stones she used was the Rose Quartz; apparently, rose quartz has healing properties that will further boost the effects of the lifting massage.

aromatherapy facial singapore

Once the lifting was done, Hana applied a sheet mask consisting of natural essences to further repair the skin.

aromatherapy facial singapore

Most massage therapists would leave the room at this time but Hana stayed throughout and gave me a really comforting leg massage. 

It has been ages since someone put in so much love and care for my face and body and I'm thankful for every minute of this. 

We are finally done. I didn't really want to leave TBH but with my mind refreshed, I'm now ready to head back home to take care of my son for the rest of the day!

aromatherapy facial singapore

It isn't just my mind that is refreshed though; my skin also looked and felt a lot brighter and more supple now. 

aromatherapy facial singapore

As the scans show, it isn't just my mind feeling good after the facial. Impressively, the diagnostic machine also managed to tell that the moisture level on my face increased dramatically!

Overall Thoughts

Before I came to Organics Beauty, I knew that my skin was dry, dull and needed help. What I didn't realize was how mentally and physically tired I was from the months of taking care of my child and WFH. 

This visit to Hana felt somewhat like heading to an oasis in the middle of the desert. She put in so much love and care during the Aromatherapy Facial that I felt my own well of care for my family topped up and refreshed. 

For weeks after the facial, I could feel my skin saying thank you as it remained supple and bright afterwards. 

Thank you Hana for the amazing experience! Your strong understanding of essential oils, awesome facial massage and loving personality made the facial very very special for me. I will remember your every word of advice and take good care of my skin from here on. 

One thing's for sure, I will be back!

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