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Many ladies think that they have to use harsh chemicals, machines and surgeries to maintain their youth and look beautiful. But that is simply not true! Combining different holistic therapy methodologies into a unique facial, I want to let women experience for themselves how a healthier, natural option can be more sustainable and effective in maintaining beauty.

Founder of Organics Beauty


If you are tired of harsh chemicals and machines that wreck your skin more than repair it, you should definitely give Organics Beauty a go!

Founder Shizuka has created a special facial regime that incorporates holistic alternative therapies such as TCM and herbatology to help customers achieve youthful flawless skin… without the use of machines or chemicals!

Customers have been surprised by the facials’ effectiveness and love how the facial incorporates body massages and foot baths as part of the experience.

This is definitely a facial you MUST check out in Singapore!

The easy-to-miss location at Delfi Orchard may leave you less than impressed; the rooms are not big and the interior definitely can’t match up to the usual luxurious big salon.

But look beyond that and you’ll find the biggest hidden gem among facial salons in Singapore.

At least that’s what we truly felt when we came across Organics Beauty for the first time.

Among the many many facials we’ve tried and seen, the ones at Organics Beauty is possibly the MOST UNIQUE we’ve seen in Singapore (and possibly beyond)

It’s not just because Organics Beauty uses 100% Organics ingredients in its facials.

(Note that most salons which claim that they are organic still have a small percentage of chemicals within the products they use… but its 0% chemicals in Organics Beauty!)

Or that its Japanese founder Shizuka personally mixes the scrubs and gommage used in the facials.

It is the holistic beauty experience we’ve never before seen in other facial salons… a one-of-a-kind beauty regimen created by founder Shizuka through her years of training in alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, phytotherapy and TCM. From a specially blended foot bath, application of hot stones and incorporation of crystals in facial massage, a facial here is not just a facial but a full body, mind and soul experience.

Strangely (or not), we actually do feel a natural glow from within after a facial at Organics Beauty… although no chemicals or machines were used!

After going through it for ourselves, we understood why almost 100% of those who’ve tried Organics Beauty come back for another facial!

P.S. Shizuka specially arranges the appointments to make sure that she gives the best experience to each customer so do try not to be late (or worse, cancel last minute)!


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  • Uses 100% organic ingredients in its facials
  • The facials here are very value-for-money as it feels more like a full body experience rather than just a facial!
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable Japanese and Local Therapist (with more than 20 years of experience)
  • Very effective especially for sensitive skin
  • High level of personalised service
  • Very relaxing facial massage
  • Very attentive to the needs of each customer
  • ZERO hardselling
  • Prices are all-inclusive. No extra GST charges or other charges.


  • Jasmin is so popular now that it is getting harder to make an appointment with her!
  • The salon is a little cramped
  • Salon does not offer services for Men
  • Salon is about 7 minutes walk away from Orchard MRT
  • Salon does not look as luxurious as other chain salons
  • Accepts Cash and NETS only. No Credit Card payment here!
  • The facials here do not include extractions!
  • Facials here are not the cheapest out there!

What Other People Say

Loving It


September 01, 2021

Amazing experience for both skin and soul !!!

I've been to different facial treatments all this while, but none of it compares to the experience I had with Organics Beauty. I can never forget the consultation session with Hana. She is a good observant to details and really care about my concern. She not only able to recommend the treatment that suits my skin condition (and also my budget!), but also able to analyze my lifestyle habit and characteristics by just asking few general questions. (I really wondered can she read minds?! haha) Thorough the facial treatment process, it was really relaxing and pampering. No machine was used and done by all hand! Hana explained that the products/ingredients they picked are organic and natural. And the treatment will wake up the cells of my skin so that they will repair and improve naturally. I can see visible result right after the treatment and my skin condition improve naturally even after few weeks of facial. Previously I might get breakout a few days after facial, but not for this one! Literally ZERO hard selling on package signing and beauty products! This really add extra marks for the whole experience as there is zero awkward moments. They believe the results speaks louder and if their customer is happy with it they will definitely come back for it! Here I am, back for more XD Really felt so lucky and grateful to found this gem! Both Hana-san and Shizuka-san are super helpful, friendly and very genuine! Shizuka-san also never hesitate to share really helpful skin care tips that is simple, practical and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. PS: Did I mention it’s really fun and eye-opening to read their post in FB@theraorganic and IG@theraorganics? (^^) (Review not yet verified)

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Sophie Danselme

February 26, 2021

Reflexology face treatment

Review for Hana

Organics Beauty is one of a kind experience where high standards of services and exquisite atmosphere are gathered to live the best. In this beauty salon Hana is the specialist therapist in face reflexology. She gives you all her good energy mixed with her unique and sharp knowledge to make the most of this treatment. She has a steady, expert hand and an enormous charisma. Hana has an amazing intuition and strength in reading your body, putting you at ease and refilling of energy your body and soul. It’s a journey that you instantly get addicted to, looking forward to the next appointment when it is finished! I highly recommend Hana’s reflexology treatment, but shush ? don’t spread the word too much or she might get unavailable fast. One of those confidential addresses you cherish the most.

Review not yet verified

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February 24, 2021

Good service great ambience

Review for Hana

I’ve been going there for more than 6years. I have sensitive skin hence I will go to Hana my therapist. She’s always very cheerful, although she’s Japanese but she’s able to speak fluent English, so no problem with communicating what I want. I enjoyed my service with Hana all the time

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February 20, 2021

Best Organic Facial and Thera Skin Home Care Products!

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

My first experience with Organics Beauty was when I was Pregnant, and I needed to look for organic and natural facials that is safe for pregnancy. I chanced upon Organics Beauty after reading an in depth article on Beauty Undercover, and I must say I’m very impressed with the service and outcome of the facial. Shizuka is the most experienced and friendly therapist i have ever met. She is very detailed and very knowledgeable about my skin and she is very dedicated to making my skin heal with her holistic facial approach. Best of all, she also has created Thera mask and exfoliating scrub which serves to maintain my skin until I meet her again. Thera mask and scrub is so gentle yet one of the most effective product I have used, my colleagues even praised my skin and thought I actually went to see a dermatologist ? Today, I use Thera products weekly and it’s amazing how it heals my sensitive acne skin and even the scars I accumulated through the years before I found her. I look forward to continue using her products and attending facial sessions with her.

Review not yet verified

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January 28, 2021

Brightening facial

It us awsm Felt great change in face

Review not yet verified

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May 11, 2017

A walk into the garden

The facial was indeed a walk into the organics garden. Had my first try on 1st May and till today 11 May, my skin looks good. I can hear my skin thanking me since then. I am a facial regular for the past 10 years and this is the first one i am giving two thumbs up. Not only for the treatment itself but also for the excellent service by Keiko-san and hospitality by Jasmin-san. They give you what you need and not what they want to sell. My only regret is i should have visited Organics Beauty earlier!

Review not yet verified

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Isabel vadivu govind

April 30, 2017

Best Facial Ever - Magical!

*Luxury artisanal facial with extraordinary service.* I appreciated - the facial which Jasmine has created using different elements from amazing teachers from around the world - the massage!! It's uncommon to get such a nassage during a facial. - their service!!! Wow! - their natural products which are powerful yet gentle on skin, and not tested on animals - attention to detail from their drinks to disposable slippers and relaxing mist - customisation and comprehensive intake form

Amazed. This is a hidden gem! Thank you for featuring it! :)

Review not yet verified

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wakako arimizu

April 27, 2017

True bliss!!!

The whitening facial session at Organics Beauty was definitely one of the best treatments I experienced in my life! I was welcomed with home made malt drinks and organic aroma fragranced towel. Then foot bath with salt from Israel. My body was warmed up and already experiencing ultimate bliss. Their facial treatment was amazing as well using organic original product and natural stone. Usually when I am having face treatment, I feel my frets are getting cold but at Organics beauty, they also give you foot massage as well as shoulder & neck. So my body was in warm and relaxed during session. After treatment, I felt my face became brighter and skin was firmed and lifted! I really appreciate their high quality treatment and Japanese style service. I will come back definitely!


ホワイトニングフェイシャルコースの施術を受けました。Organics Beautyに行くのは初めてでしたが、これまで受けたトリートメントの中でも最も満足のいく体験をする事が出来ました! ウェルカムサービスから素晴らしく、お手製の麹ドリンクとアロマタオルをいただいた時から癒しの時間が始まっているのを感じました。 フェイシャルのコースでフットバスを受けれたのは初めての体験で、イスラエルのオーガニックソルト入りのフットバスのおかげで身体が温まり毛穴が緩んでいくのが分かりました。 通常、フェイシャルの施術中はどうしても足が冷えてしまう事が多いのですが、こちらのコースではフットマッサージもしてくださるので終始身体が温かく、シンガポールのエアコン環境で冷えきった身体が芯から温まりました! 施術はすべてオーガニックかつオリジナルブレンドの製品を使って行われるので香りによる癒し効果はもちろん、施術後は気になるくすみが収まり肌のトーンが明るくなったのを感じました。 日本レベル以上の細やかさと結果の出る施術サービスに大満足です! リピートします!

Review not yet verified

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Mikako Imai

April 20, 2017

Review for Organics Beauty & Keiko

During the treatment, I fell asleep since it was so comfortable and felt so pleasant. Not only it had a relaxing effect, but the treatment outcomes last through out the week. I was happy see the difference in facial lift and bags under my eyes after the procedure. I would love to come back here on a regular basis!


Review not yet verified

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January 18, 2017

Herbal Brightening Facial

Went to try the herbal brightening facial as I'm interested in organic facial. Organics beauty is a small but cozy place. Was greeted warmly by Rita who is a very friendly and nice lady. The steps in the facial were what stated in BU visit.

And this is the most relaxing facial I ever went.

I love it so much that I signed a package with them (no hard selling btw) and had already booked my next appointment!

Review not yet verified

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August 08, 2016

Shizuka's Facial is really addictive!

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

私は疲れた心と身体を癒すためにアロマエステのサロンを探すとこのOrganics Beautyに辿り着きました。







I was hoping to find a facial salon that can help heal my mind and body in Singapore and was delighted to stumble across Organics Beauty.

The first time I enter Organics Beauty I was greeted by a nice aroma and Shizuka's beautiful smile. During consultation Shizuka listened carefully to my issues and were very attentive to tailor the treatment to what I need. With the relaxing scent around meI feel like I'm entering a beautiful dream each time Shizuka does my facial. I always feel a little sad when the facial is complete as I have to wake up from the dream.

No matter how busy I amI make sure I set aside some time to reward myself to Shizuka's facial once a month... yes she is that addictive!

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


July 27, 2016

Best Facial I've Ever Had

I was one of those who were skeptical about the effectiveness of an organic no-extraction facial at the beginning. Once I tried it and saw the difference days later, I can't help but rave about it!
My skin immediately brightened after the facial and I was really surprised at how my skin continue to brighten days after. Very amazing!
I also love the shoulder massage, leg massage and onsen-like leg bath that makes the facial feel more like a full body experience. 
I am so impressed, I'm bringing my mom and my mother in law here the next time!

P.S. This visit is fully paid for with their first trial promotion. 


Review approved by Beauty Undercover

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May 04, 2016

Way beyond impressed by the sincerity

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

I first went to Organics Beauty in December last year to try out the herbal brightening facial. Upon consultation however, Jasmin accurately pointed out that the main concern for my skin is acne, oiliness, and redness. She kindly offered to come up with a customised treatment for me instead, despite the fact that I was paying at the promotional rate. I was way beyond impressed by her sincerity then.

To say that the facials Jasmin specially created are effective would be a major understatement. I could see how dramatically my skin improved right after the facial itself, and the results actually lasted! I was truly surprised because I’ve been through countless of other sophisticated procedures elsewhere and they only produced mediocre results. I really enjoyed every moment of my time spent there, from the yummy enzyme drinks, to the soothing masks and relaxing massages. Jasmin also took care to highlight the herbs and their antibacterial properties – something which I find really useful to know.

I’m now a regular at Organics Beauty now, and it still amazes me how much my skin improves with each visit. I am extremely grateful to Jasmin for helping me curb this decade-old acne problem. Can’t give her enough thumbs-up :)

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Hui Min

January 17, 2016

What you see here is what you get

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

I went to Jasmin last month for a trial after chancing upon good reviews of her salon. Initially, I was fearful of a facial because I never had good results from one due to the fact that I tend to break out from extractions. However due to my irregular schedule, I began to suffer from acne , dry skin and pigmentation.

Jasmin was very nice and friendly and make sure to make me feel comfortable. She listened attentively to my needs and gave me sound advice. What you see here is what you get. The steps were exactly the same as described in the website. Despite me using the beauty undercover discount, she still treated me sincerely.

After the facial , I was surprised! My face was glowing and radiant . After I left the salon to meet my friends , all of them were praising my glowing skin! There was absolutely no hard selling at all. Instead, I was the one that had to ask her about the package!

One con though - Jasmin is getting super popular that it's harder to get a slot now. Otherwise, it is highly recommended! Compared to other organic facials in other salons, hers is reasonably priced for the luxury pampering that you are getting!

Update: I did the signature Herbal Brightening Facial

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November 24, 2015

This spa is a hidden gem

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

This spa is a hidden gem located at Delfi Orchard. I get to know this place through beauty undercover and i brought my mum there too. We went there on different days. The salon is really cozy. The moment i step in i feel very relax.

Jasmin is really friendly although she is a japanese but not to worry, she can speak english well. She served me enzyme juice while i got my foot soaked in sea salt bath. Its a gd start as it will help to improve your blood circulation. Jasmin then explained what is the products she will be using and the benefits. Every products she used in the salon is 100% organic. She doesn't skip her steps , she do exactly what i read on a blog post written by her loyal customer. Throughout the treatment its really very relaxing because she doesn't stop in between the treatment . The usual facial steps would be leaving you with the steamer to help open up your pores before extractions and the last steps to wait for the clay mask to dry up, however, for Jasmin, she takes this ' waiting time' to massage your shoulder/neck/leg.

Its really awesome, you have to experience yourself, and i'm sure you will not regret. The pricing is also very reasonable as you still be able to entitle member price if you return within a month for your next visit.

This is how she stands out in so many salon i ever visited. She do not hard sell you to do other services in between nor selling you packages which is what alot of customers feel stress about. For tretament results wise, I can see my skin brightens up and lifted instantly after the treatment . Many might be skeptical about this as no machine is used. Well, you gotta try it yourself. Every cents spent is worth while . Lastly, i would like to thank Jasmin for bringing in such wonderful treatments to singapore and of cause your excellent service!

Update: I tried the Organic Brightening Facial

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November 14, 2015

Facial spa is worth every cent

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

I have been to Organics Beauty twice already and believe me when I say that this facial spa is worth EVERY CENT! The minute you step in there you are greeted with kindness and comfort from Jasmin and her staff. She does everything that she can to make you relaxed before the treatment begins with her home-made enzyme juices and her Japanese style foot baths. It was comforting to see that I was in the hands of a beauty specialist who was not only extremely knowledgable in organic treatments and in what she was doing but you can absolutely tell that she loves what she does. All the products that she used were 100% organic and you could immediately feel it working the moment she starts working on your skin. I have very sensitive skin and not once did I feel any irritation or uncomfortable feelings.

The whole process takes about 2 hours which was perfect because the treatments were so soothing that I would fall asleep about 10-15 minutes in.As a model, I am required to have facials at least once to twice a month for shoots...but out of all the facial spas I've been to, I have never seen such miraculously immediate and highly noticeable results the moment the treatment is done! Jasmin gave me this facial treatment before I had to board a flight to Australia wherein which I had a photoshoot immediately upon landing and even the staff that did my makeup commented about how bright and smooth my skin looked!

You better believe that Jasmin's amazing techniques have made me a loyal customer to the point where I would swear by her treatments and the products that she uses. Not to mention she is such a sweetheart who will treat you like a good friend and will give you all the beauty advise you need for healthy and younger looking skin!


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November 05, 2015

Best in Singapore

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

I have been to SO many facial salons in Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. And I can say The Organic Beauty is one of the best I have been, definitely the best in Singapore.

I love so many things about this salon however, the most is Shizuka's treatment skills and her knowledge about products and treatment. Her treatment is done by all hands, no machine use. I think it is very difficult to find a therapist who can do all hands treatment in Singapore, it is also hard to find in Japan.

Every time I had her treatment, I could tell my face was brighten up when I had brighten treatment, and my face became sharpen when I had lift up treatment. satisfying the results after facial treatments is one thing, the other thing I would like to make a comment is about how much I can be relaxed during the treatment. I always feel in asleep during the treatment.

This salon is nicely decorated, and has very cozy atmosphere. Nothing like luxury spa atmosphere but if you are looking for some salon where you can relax and experience The Result, this it the place.

Review not yet verified

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November 04, 2015

Great results!

Review for Shizuka (Jasmin)

I was first offered a cold towel infused with essential oils and a cup of enzymes that Jasmin made herself. The enzymes was so yummy that I would have bought if she sells!

Next was the HOT tub of water that I was supposed to put my feet in. Jasmin was trying to emulate the hot springs with the hot water. I feel so relaxed there after.

Natural products

I am sensitive to products that uses artificial scent. From facial products to perfumes to shampoos and shower gels. I am surprise that other than do TERRA's essential oils, the facial products that Jasmin uses does not have a strong scent. Knowledgable staff, excellent customer service

Eileen, Jasmin's therapist in the boutique, is well-verse in both facial and massage techniques. She knows when to engage me and when not to. She was able to explain the reasons for certain techniques. In fact, I was so relax during the facial that I slept for awhile.

Different type of facial

Nothing could have prepared me from the entirely out of the world experience! The facials that Organic Beauty is combined western facial technique with alternative medicine such as TCM massage . There is no painful extraction of blackheads. There isn't the harsh lights that you have to endure during the extraction process. It is just a rhythmic light pinching of your face, a therapeutic process as I slept during this part of the facial.

I LOVE THE MASQUE! In typical facials, the therapist will place a gauze on your face before applying the thick face masque. But in Organics Beauty, She applied some kind of face oil prior to the masque. Thereafter, she applied the thick cold masque on my face. AND I LOVE IT! I hate the smell of gauze and I always feel that the gauze may rip during the tearing of the masque. But none of that at all. Organics Beauty has also incorporate legs and shoulder massage into their facial package. This additional service adds a big PLUS to a massage addict like me!


Well, I am tired of believing claims that do not materalise. And honestly, I did not pay much attention when I was told that my face/skin will be lifted after the facial. I was surprised when my smiling line was significantly reduced and my chin did look smaller!!!

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