Best Hairstyles for Bride Grooms and Groomsmen in Singapore

Published on Sep 02, 2015
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A wedding is a monumental milestone in an individual’s life. It is often one of the most photographed events in one’s life – so whether you’re the groom, or a groomsman, you have to look your most dapper self.

The type of haircut for a groom or groomsman is crucial in ensuring he looks his best.  A style that’s conservative and clean has to also complement this haircut, and should be well thought out in advance before the big day.

There are other services available to further enhance your hairstyle for the big day. But to pique your curiosity, these services will be revealed later in this article.

So keep on reading, and you’ll find out how to coax your inner dapper self out for you or your best friend’s big day!

Timing of Haircut

Don't just plan the Bachelor's night and forget all about how YOU look on the wedding day.

If all the wedding prep are almost done, getting a haircut should be TOP PRIORITY for you or your best friend’s big day.

You should never leave it to the last minute because it takes time for your hair to settle in to your new haircut.

So when should you get that haircut?

one week 2

According to Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon, one of our preferred stylists for men, getting your hair cut a week prior to the big day is the best way to ensure that the haircut is absolutely perfect!

For those who are more adventurous, stylists from Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon believes that 2-3 days before the wedding is the absolute latest you should get a haircut by!

Below are some styles we think could work for you or your groomsmen on the wedding day!

#1: Fade Haircut

Men's Fade Haircut

Salon: 99 Percent Hair Studio

Suitable for: The Bridegroom and Groomsmen

When accompanied with a well groomed beard and a smart-looking suit, the longer fade haircut brings out the sexy beast in you for your wedding day.

Styling helps you keep your hair looking dapper so do get some advice from your stylist on how you can make the best of this haircut.

#2: The Japanese Salaryman

Men's Haircut (Rie)

Salon: COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd & Tanjong Pagar

Stylist: Rie

Suitable for: Bride Groom and Groomsmen

The Japanese Salary cut makes waves regardless of whether you’re the groom or groomsman. This natural choice for people with wavy hair who want to avoid looking unkempt!

#3: Spiky Groomsman

Stylist: Ryo

Suitable for: Groomsmen aka 兄弟

The one hairstyle that Asian hair is well suited for is spikes. If your hair naturally sticks up anyway, don’t work against it! Spikes are always cool regardless of whether they are textured, defined, vertical or messy, but look for the strongest hold products to help you achieve this look.

#4: The Fringe

 The Fringe

Salon: Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Stylist: Jimmy

Suitable for: Bride Groom

Most grooms usually seek something that involves easy styling to obtain a classic look. The fringe is therefore a great option for those who dig the undone and textured look.

Now as promised, the final reveal of other services available…

Korean Style Men's Perm

Men's Korean Perm (1 June)

Salon: Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Stylist: 1 June

Suitable: Bride Grooms and Groomsmen

If you prefer a more Korean-style perm for your straight and stubborn hair, you can also opt for a Korean Men's Perm at Pro Trim Korean Salon.

Merman Blue

Blue Hair Colour (Juno)

Salon: Artica Hair Studio @ Far East Plaza

Stylist: Juno

Suitable: Bride Grooms

 If subtle is NOT what you are looking for and you are absolutely sure that vibrant blue is the way to make your wedding special, you can even consider one of our top hair colour trends of the year: Merman Hair!

Chic Brown Hair Colour

Men's Haircut and Colour (Jai)

Salon: Vast Hair Salon @ Clementi Central

Stylist: Jai

Suitable: Bride Grooms and Groomsmen

For the rest of us, a fresh coat of colour is maybe what we need to look refreshed and alert for the day... it may also be necessary if you are looking to cover those white hairs that are starting to sprout out! Just a quick tip from our stylists, dark blonde or brown is generally safe for tanned skin. But if you are fair, almost any colour would look good on you.

Dapper Cut + Highlight

Dapper Cut + Highlight

Salon: Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

Stylist: Thomas Teo

Suitable: Bride Grooms and Groomsmen

To make your hair stand out a little more, you can go for a dapper cut and streaks of ash brown highlights to give the hair more texture and dimension; while making it look fashionable and stylish! Note that the customer in the picture previously had his hair permed so you can also opt for that if you want more hair volume for your special day!

So gents are you inspired for your wedding / your best friends' wedding yet?

Leave your comment below and share your preferred style with us!

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