Mowan Colours My Hair in Under 1 Hour: Fastest Hair Dye in Singapore

Published on Aug 11, 2021
There aren't any ugly women, only busy ones with no time to spare!

All of us want to look fabulous but honestly, how many of us have hours to spend at the salon just to make sure our hair colour looks on point? 

Especially as Singapore is still battling COVID, the thought of dragging ourselves out from the house and spending 2-3 hours at the salon to refresh our hair colour just doesn't sound that palatable. 

That's why we're so excited when we came across this new hair colour from Mowan

Mowan Megix 10 Hair Colour

Haven't heard of this brand before? Well, we recently stumbled upon it when we got our colour done at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

1. It takes only 10 minutes for your hair to absorb Mowan megix|10 hair colour

The biggest difference between Mowan and your typical hair dye at the salon? The time it takes for the hair to absorb Mowan megix|10 hair colour is now 10 minutes, down from the usual 30-40 minutes for normal hair colour. Given that usual hair colour services takes 1.5 to 2 hours including styling, using Mowan's megix|10 hair colour helps you reduce that by up to 50%! 

Need we say more? With processing time cut by 30 minutes, you could even get your hair done during your lunch break and head back with a newer, fresher you. For all time-deprived hustlers, moms who barely have time for themselves, executives with too many meetings to attend, students with neverending projects and exams or a homebody who wants to reduce time spent outside, Mowan megix|10 hair colour is possibly your best chance to change up your style as efficiently as possible!

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Here's more time to you doing something productive (or spending a nice afternoon at a cafe after PH2A)  instead of scrolling through your phone on a salon chair. Whatever the case is, you'll love the efficiency you can get only with Mowan megix|10 hair colour.

2. Mowan megix|10 hair colour covers grey hair really well 

With life getting way too stressful these days, you may find grey hair visiting a little earlier than it should have. Fret not, as Mowan's megix|10 hair colour is also great at grey hair. No more pesky grey hair peeking out because the hair colour couldn't penetrate the hair well.

There really isn't a better quick fix than this if you (or your mom) want to take years off your looks instantly.

3. Mowan megix|10 hair colour minimises hair damage with lower ammonia content and infuses higher plant-based protein

It's not rocket science here, the lesser time the chemicals come in contact with your hair and scalp, the less damaging it will be. Mowan megix|10 also has very minimal ammonia content in its colour dye, making it safer than most hair colours. 

But that's not all. Mowan megix|10 takes your "2 servings of vegetable a day" to a whole new level, and infused plant-based protein in their hair dye. The hair colour consists of 18 (yes, that many!) vegetable amino acids, that gives you glossy, silky hair. It also makes your hair stronger by improving its elasticity and protecting it against environmental stress factors. Mowan megix|10 is so confident in their product that they even guarantee 10 TIMES healthier hair. You might as well be combining a hair treatment with colour!

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Seeing how glossy Agent R's hair is after Mowan megix|10 hair colour, we can certainly see why how its anti-frizz and anti-static effect come into play.

4. Mowan megix|10 hair colour lasts 

Now you might be thinking, if you let the product set for a shorter amount of time, the colour would probably fade faster right?

As Agent R will tell you, that's not the case. She got her hair coloured 3 weeks ago and the hair colour today still looks exactly like what it looked like then!

3 Weeks After Mowan Hair Colour at Leekaja

3 Weeks after Mowan megix|10 hair colour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

David from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon shared that Mowan megix|10 managed to nano-size the colour particles, so the hair colour pigments get absorbed really quickly to achieve a vibrant, long-lasting hair colour in just 10 minutes. 

If you follow Beauty Undercover, you'll know that we don't just share about something without trying it out first. So yes, we've sent Student R down to LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon to verify their claims that the hair colour can be done in under an hour.

Read on to find out if Mowan megix|10 hair colour passes the test.

Can Mowan megix|10 colour my hair in < 1 hour?

Hello! I'm Agent R, a university student who is constantly drowning in schoolwork, internships and no time on the side for hair MANE-tenance. Honestly, if I had any spare time, I'm one of those who would very much prefer lying in bed watching my favourite Korean dramas. 

I bleached my hair way back during CNY - a gorgeous red and purple tone.

But as we all know, red and purples fade CRAZY fast. I know it is now National Day but yes, I never found the time to do something about it thanks to my pretty packed schedule (cue Korean dramas).  That's how I spent a good 6 months with this grassy, bronze-y hair. 

Honestly, not my best look. I know, the colour wasn't doing it for me. The sudden change from the dark brown to bleached bronze was not cutting it.

Just... NO. 

I really want to get something done to my hair but I have internship on weekdays and with so many things planned on my weekend, it was tough to do something even though I'm technically still in my summer holidays. 

What if I told you that you can get your hair colour done in one hour? ~ Agent G

One hour? I've NEVER had any hair colour finish in an hour before. Haircut yes but any chemical service often requires me to stay at the salon for 2 hours or so. 

Spending two hours at the salon sound a little much these days but an hour? I think I could squeeze in 60 minutes before an appointment to get my hair dyed. So when Agent G asked if I'm keen to trial this 1-hour low-damage hair colour service at Leekaja, I immediately went "SIGN ME UP!"

Time to put Mowan megix|10 hair colour to the test

It's Hari Raya Haji and I already have a full day starting 12:00. Since I'm trying out Mowan megix|10, I'm making my appointment at the first slot of the day: 10:00... just in case. 

I sort of regretted making the appointment so early when my body clock woke me up at 8:00 after heading to bed at 3:00 the night before. It's as if beauty was telling me: 

If you really want me right, you must chase after me (tucks hair behind ear)

But hey, I consider it a serious responsibility to administer this test for you Beauty Undercover readers, so the sacrifice is no biggie. 

9:52: Check-in

Entering Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

In fact, I actually made it to the salon early. I managed to check in at 9:52 and am glad to find Korean stylist David already waiting for me at the reception. He brought me to this cosy private room with lush greenery and its own basin... it was just so aesthetic! 

This is my first time at LeeKaJa. Having seen how gorgeous the entire salon is, I understand why it is so popular. The entire salon was really spacious and beautifully decorated with greenery all around..

+1 for vibes! 

Choosing Mowan Hair Colour at Leekaja

The service may be fast but David didn't forget about doing a consultation with me. He showed me the Mowan megix|10 hair colour chart which has over 80 shades of colour. After analysing my skin tone and taking my preferences into account, David recommended a matte dark brown that would cover up the ugly brassy yellow – and wouldnt fade easily too! 

10:03: Hair colour begins 

Typically when I go to a salon, I download an episode or two of my favourite show to watch because sitting there awkwardly would just slowly kill me. I'm too introverted to initiate a conversation, and we all know the best way to avoid awkwardness is to look at our phones and I do EXACTLY that. So I came prepared with episode 1 of Run On. 

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

At around 10:03,  David started sectioning my hair and applying the dye with the help of an assistant. As my hair was pretty damaged from my last bleach, David said that he will have to give it a little more time to absorb the dye and make the colour more lasting. 

After application of the colour, we let it set for 5 minutes.

10:15: Round 2 of colour application

At this point in time, I had just finished watching the opening trailer while David worked hard at applying the hair colour to the rest of my hair. 

Next, he put it all up into a neat up-do and left it for 10 minutes. Not gonna lie, this makes me look very techno. 

10 Minutes Mowan Hair Colour at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

10:32: Hair wash

While I was still trying to figure out the names of the characters, waiting time was up. David checks to ensure the colour is even before giving give my hair a good scrub-a-dub. The drama can wait. 

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

10:40: Blowdry

Back at the seat, David uses not one but TWO Dyson hairdryers to dry my hair. At this point in time, only 40 minutes had passed and we were almost done! If it were a regular hair service, I would probably still be waiting for my hair to absorb the dye. And I would probably have watched enough of the show to know the characters. 

10:51: Styling

Knowing that I preferred wavy hair, David immediately got to work.

He was really skillful and had a lot of fancy curling actions that, as much as I would love to, I can't describe.

Point is, the outcome was really up my alley. 

Hair Styling at Leekaja Hair Salon
Hair Styling at Leekaja Hair Salon

By the time he was done with this, it was 10:59 with 1 minute to spare. 

Fast game indeed.

Shockingly, I wasn't even HALF done with ONE episode. I was so impressed by the fact that the waiting time for the dye to set was only 15 minutes and the whole process took slightly less than an hour. That means... it passed the test!

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon
Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

I still had some time before my next appointment so, I took the chance to take some photos at the salon because... why not? 

The salon was too aesthetic to pass...

and it was about time I changed my profile picture on social media. 

The outcome was just so chef's kiss .

I think the natural looking colours suit me so much more, right? A lot of time was saved, but the quality of the colour definitely wasn't compromised at all.

No regrets giving up an hour of sleep for this! 

Keen on getting this speedy hair colour? You can check out their latest promotions at Leekaja or opt for a private experience at the ladies area - the Kantik Room. 

If you want to surprise your friends or colleagues before and after lunch transformation – there's nothing that can top this.

3 weeks later

Mowan guarantees their colour is lasting, and believe me, it REALLY is. No cap. 3 weeks later, my hair colour looks exactly the same as it did when I stepped out the salon! The colour looks so consistent still, and there was very minimal fading. Best part is, my hair isn't too dry at all!

Mowan Hair Colour Fastest Hair Dye Under an Hour at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Want to try the above Mowan megix|10 Hair Colour?

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