A Natural Alternative to Botox: Lift Up and Firm Facial by Organics Beauty

Published on Nov 30, 2015

By the time you enter your forties and fifties, you may be toying with the idea of Botox to maintain youthful taut skin. On top of being really expensive, Botox comes with its own set of pros and cons.

To let ladies in Singapore have a more natural alternative towards tightening your face, Shizuka from Organics Beauty created a "Lift up and Firm" facial routine that combines the best of French Fascia Massage and herbs to stimulate your own body to achieve the lifting effect.

To understand how this facial works, read on for Agent SC experience at Organics Beauty!

November 2015

Hello, I'm Agent SC!

For those who read Beauty Undercover, you may recognize me as one of the co-founders for Act Point Salon.

A few weeks ago, I was randomly chatting with Agent G. I complained to her in jest about how much I feel I've aged in the past few years and how my friends have started to tease me about needing Botox or at least Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

Agent SC before facial

Instead of going for the more intrusive fillers, Agent G encouraged me to try out the more natural alternative: Lift up and Firm Facial at Organics Beauty.

I wasn't sure what it was about but was intrigued when she said that it was performed by a Japanese therapist.

Agent G 推荐的这位日本籍美容师拥有很多年的经验而且走的是自然护理的路线所以我也感到十分好奇.

Therefore, I made an appointment on a weekday morning.

Organics Beauty

Organics Beauty

The facial salon itself is small and cozy and reminds me a little of how Act Point started in the past.

preparing foot bath

After getting me changed into the gown, Shizuka began preparing the footbath for me.

She added Dead Sea Salt into the water and encouraged me to soak my feet into the warm water.

She mentioned that she used dead sea salt as it is rich in minerals that moisturize the skin, improve circulation and relieve tired muscles whereas the warm water warms the body and prepares it for the upcoming treatment!

foot bath
我一看到足浴时真的好惊讶。为什么一个facial里面会有足浴呢?里面还放着从死海收成的盐. 好特别哦! 她还细心地帮我盖被呢!

Shizuka is so attentive, she even gave me a blanket to make sure that I feel comfortable throughout the process.

home-made enzyme drink

Aside from the footbath, she also prepared an enzyme drink for me. This home-made enzyme drink is intended to improve metabolism and maximize the benefit of the facial treatment.


This week's drink is made from Dragon Fruit and tasted particularly yummy!

A Natural Alternative to Botox: Lift Up and Firm Facial by Organics Beauty

With a footbath to relax my legs, warm shoulder pad to relax my shoulders and enzyme drink to relieve my thirst, the facial was definitely off to a good start.

No matter how stressed you may feel before entering Organics Beauty, you will definitely feel your stress melt away as the facial begins.

facial ingredients

Next, Shizuka asked me about my facial concerns and prepared these ingredients to deal with them.

On the right is the Seaweed powder she will be using later for my mask. On the left are the jojoba oil for a gentle scrub, anti-aging cream and calming mask for tightening of pores.

过后,Shizuka 向我解释稍后她将用的材料.
essential oils

After realizing that I have been having heartburn for years, Shizuka also selected special essential oils to help relieve muscles and alleviate the heartburn.

after foot bath

She dried my feet and invited me to the bed.

Did I also mention that the bed linens, towels and robes used are all directly imported from Japan? They are in fact made in Imabari Japan, which is well known for its high quality cotton towels!

They are super soft and really comfortable!

Shizuka 细心到连毛巾也是从日本进口的, 又软又舒适!
hot stone on stomach

Upon settling onto the bed, Shizuka placed a hot stone on my stomach.

She mentioned that the heat will radiate throughout the body and make my stomach feel more comfortable.

躺在床上后,Shizuka 把一个热石放在肚子上侧。热石所散发的热量其实让我整个身体感到更舒适.
rose water

Before she began the facial proper, she sprayed some rosewater in the air to help me relax.

 organic lavender oil aroma
房里弥漫着薰衣草的清香, 让我放松了许多.

I closed my eyes as I breathed in the aroma of the organic lavender oil she mixed earlier.

shoulder massage

Instead of starting with the face, she gave me a shoulder massage first. Shizuka mentioned that this massage is a massage that is intentionally done along the meridian line to prepare for the upcoming facial massage. The main objective of this massage is to reduce facial lines but it also has the side benefit of alleviating my stomach troubles! It was kind of amazing to me when my stomach actually rumbled after she embarked on the meridian massage for about 5-10 minutes!

面部按摩前,Shizuka沿着经络循行线给了我个肩部按摩。按摩真的很神奇! 因为在按摩的当而,肚子竟然咕嚕咕嚕叫!

During the massage, Shizuka found my shoulders rather stiff. She therefore reminded me to relax a little at work and perhaps do some stretching in between customers to relieve the sore shoulder muscles!

jojoba oil peeling cream

She applied jojoba oil peeling cream on my face and then used her fingers to lightly massage the cream into my skin for about 10 minutes.

This helps in removal of dead skin to reveal the fresh skin beneath without damaging the surface skin cells too harshly (when compared to extractions and traditional scrubs!)

她轻轻地把荷荷巴油按摩进我的皮肤中. 这会帮忙我以最低损伤的方式去角质!
jojoba oil peeling cream
jojoba oil peeling cream

Next came the HIGHLIGHT of the entire facial: Fascia massage!

First, Shizuka applied the serum to the face to prepare for the 30-min long fascia massage.

head massage

She gave a nice head massage before embarking on a pinching motion all around the face.

This is known as pincement, which actually originates from traditional French Anti-aging Facial Massage!

This technique focuses on activating the facial fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle on the face to encourage blood circulation, produce more collagen and deliver more nutrients and oxygen to every part of the facial muscle. This also helps to make the skin more taut, reducing the appearance of facial lines.

她给了我一个很好的头部按摩后便开始一个起源于法国面部按摩的技术, pincement.
这种技术的重点是激活围绕着每一块脸部肌肉的面部筋膜. 这能促进血液循环,产生更多的胶原蛋白,并输送更多的营养物质和氧气到面部肌肉的每一个结缔组织去。这能把皮肤变得更拉紧,减少面部细纹。
pincement action

Other than the cheeks, every part of the face is treated to the same pincement action.

pincement action

The action is slightly painful but tolerable. With this action, it is totally understandable why blood circulation will improve on my face!

In fact, my face does turn slightly red over time.

这种快捏法虽然有一点儿疼痛,但是看起来 十分有效!
shoulder massage

The highlight may be over but the relaxation hasn't!

Shizuka gave me yet another shoulder massage and applied a light mask that was previously shown earlier.

light mask

I mentioned to her earlier during the consultation that my face has been feeling a little dry since I changed the brand of my facial wash.

She therefore chose the seaweed mask for me to nourish and hydrate my skin naturally!

肩部按摩后,她在我的脸上涂了个海藻面膜. 海藻面膜拥有保湿和滋养的作用!
seaweed mask
在等海藻面膜干的当而, 她又沿着经络循行线给了我一个腿部按摩! 好享受!

While waiting for the mask to dry, she began massaging my leg along the Meridian line and making me feel all comfortable.


After the mask was removed, she applied lotion and cream for me and ended the facial with the very aromatic lavender oil.

最后, 她帮我取下面膜并涂上防晒霜.
aromatic lavender oil

Hot piping tea was waiting for me outside the room once the facial was over.

organic herbal tea

This organic herbal tea is specially selected by Shizuka to help with my frequent gastric pains!

她也特别为我选了一个能帮我缓肠胃的有机凉茶 !
organic herbal tea

Here's the before and after photo!

before and after facial

Left: Before, Right: After; 左:之间。右:之后。

Although the results are not very obvious on camera, my face feels tighter, brighter and more moisturized in person. Colleagues have also mentioned that I have more colour in my cheeks!

Best of all, I feel rejuvenated after the Lift Up and Firm Facial! For more visible result, I probably have to come back more regularly.

Most clients feel maximum result  a few day after the session day, though they was sure that they felt firming effect immediately after the session .

Because this massage affects deep inside skin and it  also gradually works to muscle and facia unlike  superficial one, it will last 10day to 1 month ( it depends on clients skin condition )

The more you get this session, the healthier  and younger  you skin become.

it is like a nurturing your skin.


On paper, the price at Organics Beauty isn't exactly the cheapest facial out there at $200 (for repeater price).

However, those who've tried Shizuka's facial for themselves will know that $200 is definitely value for money, given the attention she gives, products she use and the effort she puts into each step.

Unlike other more superficial facials, it seems as if this massage goes deeper to rejuvenate the facial muscles and fascia beneath. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the result of her facial lasted days and even a week or two after the facial itself.

Impressed with her results, I actually made a second appointment a week after the above experience.

尝试了Shizuka后,真的觉得很难回去自己固定的美容师. Shizuka 做事就是那么用心, 每个细节都想得很周到. 她不止针对脸部护理下功夫,连身体的病痛也考虑在内. 我也很高兴发现效果竟然持续好几天!大概是因为她的脸部按摩真的启动了脸部肌肉吧!

Shizuka promised to do what she can to help me get healthier and younger skin with all the knowledge and skills she has... so I'm really looking forward to seeing her on a regular basis!

她的Facial真的与众不同, 回到家后还是令我耿耿于怀. 虽然已经在外头有了配套,我也忍不住跟她安排下一个appointment. 希望长期在她照料下能够看到更紧绷的肌肤!
虽然已经在外头有了配套,我也忍不住跟她安排下一个appointment. 希望长期在她照料下能够看到更紧绷的肌肤!

P.S. I hear that she is getting rather overloaded so you may have to arrange your appointments some days in advance to secure a day with her!

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