The Most Unique Organic Facial You've Never Seen or Experienced Before: Herbal Brightening at Japanese Salon Organics Facial

Published on Oct 28, 2015

Cleansing, Exfoliation, Extraction and Mask: Those are the usual 4 steps you expect from a facial.

Additional steps may be added depending on whether machines or chemicals are involved but that process probably describes 80% of facials out there.

Our attention is therefore piqued when we hear of the unique Herbal Brightening facial at Japanese salon Organics Beauty.

On top of using only 100% high quality organic ingredients, their herbal brightening facial incorporates a footbath, leg massage, crystal facial massage, a homemade enzyme drink and even hot stones... well, that definitely doesn't sound like the usual facial routine at all!

To see what the facial is all about, we follow Agent Z, an existing customer of Organics Beauty to see what the Herbal Brightening facial actually entails!

October 2015

Hi I'm Agent Z, a Pilates instructor at Como Shambhala.

agent z before

As you can see, I'm not young anymore. Interestingly though, I seem to have regained some of my youth in the past 6 months.

Yes, I know that you can still see the ravages of time on my face but really, my skin has already brightened and regained more of its elasticity in the past 6 months... so much so that I am actually receiving compliments and inquiries on how I managed to turn back time. This is all thanks to Shizuka and her unique miraculous facials!

Frankly, I wasn't that into facials before I met her. I went for the occasional facial previously but nothing really compelled me to continue... until I tried Organics Beauty.

I came to know Shizuka through a friend of mine; she raved so much about the facial at Organics Beauty that I decided to give Shizuka a go. Since then, I've never looked back! Shizuka's facials are now a regular fixture in my weekly routine that I simply can't do without.

If you are interested to find out more about my facial journey with Shizuka and what a typical facial here looks like, read on below!

A Facial at Organics Beauty

My first appointment with Shizuka was 6 months ago but I will be retracing my footsteps and my experience with the recent Herbal Brightening facial I just did in October 2015!

Organics Beauty

Organics Beauty is located in a cozy space in Delfi Orchard, which was incidentally below the studio I was teaching Pilates at.

Very convenient for me!


The first thing that struck me when I entered the salon was Shizuka's attention to detail.

To ensure the highest level of hygiene for each customer, all slippers were fitted with disposable inserts.

Organics Beauty treatment room

There are two treatment rooms, which are both equipped with a luxurious bathrobe, a seat and a space to put your bags. Instead of trying to upsell me the way some Singapore salons tend to do, Shizuka welcomed me into the room immediately to change into the bathrobe.

homemade enzyme drink

After I'm changed, she then provided me with the refreshing homemade enzyme drink! It changes every month but it always tastes so good! She will also provide me with a shoulder pad stuffed with herbs to help me relax. I'm not always fond of the scent of the shoulder pad so I usually reject it in subsequent visits, but really it depends on you.

dead sea salt and organic essential oils foot bath

While I'm enjoying the enzyme drink, Shizuka starts to prepare a special footpath containing dead sea salt and organic essential oils to relax the legs. I was a little startled the first time she did that. After all, I signed up for a facial, not a foot massage.

Why did she need to prepare a footbath?

foot bath

Shizuka assured me that this is all part of the facial experience as it helps my mind and body to relax, making it easier for her subsequent facials to be effective. I followed her instructions and laid my leg into the warm bath water.

Did that feel good!


To make me more comfortable, Shizuka covered my legs with a blanket and proceeded with the consultation.


While I was enjoying the footbath, Shizuka started to ask me questions about my skin concerns, my usual skin routines and what I was looking to achieve from the facial. She then went ahead to explain the different facials offered at Organics Beauty and their prices to ensure that I'm okay before going ahead.

foot massage

When the consultation is completed, Shizuka actually dried my legs and gave me a nice foot massage.

What a way to start the facial!

covered with a blanket

After getting myself comfortable on the treatment bed, Shizuka covered me with a blanket to ensure that I remained warm.

hot stone

Before she did that, she placed something interesting near my midriff. Yes... a hot stone!

She mentioned that this will keep my body warm throughout the facial and promote blood circulation.

organic rose water

Just before the facial actually began, Shizuka sprayed organic rose water into the air.

It was really uplifting and refreshing, making me really look forward to the facial.

lavender essence

While my eyes lay closed, the smell of lavender flooded my senses. Shizuka later shared that she uses organic lavender oil to further calm my senses and relieve any stress that I may be having. Especially for those with frequent headaches or migraines, this is a great essential oil to help relieve those symptoms as well.

Phyt's Cleanser

With this, the facial begun. Shizuka uses the 100% organic and gentle Phyt's Cleanser to help cleanse the skin.

face massage

I love how she gently massages my face while she is at it to ensure a thorough cleanse!

shoulder massage

While she leaves the cleanser on for a while, she also gives a nice shoulder massage that brings me that much closer to dreamland.

remove cleanser

By the time she removed the cleanser, I would already be fast asleep!

specially blended French Clay and Spirulina Mask

Unlike other salons which may use harsher methods to exfoliate the skin further at this point, Shizuka uses a specially blended French Clay and Spirulina Mask to clarify the skin.

masks and gommage

In fact, almost all of the masks and gommage that came after the cleansing are carefully prepared and customized to the needs of each individual customer prior to starting the facial!

French Clay

The reason why French clay is used is because they are very effective in purifying and encouraging impurities to rise to the surface. Based on some studies, the French Clay also helps to inhibit growth of bacteria. This is however not the usual clay you may thinking about. Shizuka imports only the highest quality French Clay that comes directly from quarries in France and later analyzed and inspected to make sure that it meets all microbiological standards.

spirulina mask

The spirulina mask, on the other hand, contains a rich source of antioxidants and chlorophyll that helps to cleanse the skin and strengthen tissues. Spirulina also helps the skin store more moisture, hydrating the skin and minimizing fine lines.

It can also help to eliminate acne causing bacteria!

specially blended mix of 11 essential oils

True to her belief of purifying the body inside out, Shizuka also prepared a specially blended mix of 11 essential oils such as heath and yarrow to nourish and heal the body from within. This mix of essential oils is then vaporised by the steamer and inhaled while the mask dries.

head massage

While I take in the soothing scent of the essential oils, Shizuka gave an amazing head massage that lulled me back to sleep.

head massage

The organic gommage came next. It feels like a scrub but Shizuka does not apply it harshly just to remove dead skin cells. Instead, it is lightly and gently applied so that the active ingredients within the gommage can penetrate into the skin to achieve cleansing from within.

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

After the application of the gommage to promote removal of dead skin cells, the organic herbal mask is applied to hydrate and nourish the skin.

organic herbal mask

The skin is expected to look brighter and more supple as the goodness of the herbal mask penetrates the skin.

To promote absorption, a plastic cover is applied.

plastic cover

While waiting for the mask to penetrate the skin, Shizuka gave another heavenly shoulder massage.

shoulder massage

Once the mask is removed, Shizuka uses crystals to give me a thorough facial massage. The massage was firm but comfortable.


A acupressure point hand massage follows after the crystal massage to promote lifting and brightening.

acupressure point hand massage

The final mask is then applied to nourish and brighten the skin.

nourish and brighten mask

This mask is derived from Bilberry. Bilberry is a wonder herb that is known for improving vision and enhancing the beauty of your eyes. This is because it contains flavonoids called anthocyanosides that facilitate blood flow in the tiny vessels surrounding the eyes. Shizuka has therefore chosen this mask to help nourish the skin, improve blood circulation and combat venous insufficiency, which can cause certain skin problems.

leg massage

While the mask dries, Shizuka gave me a leg massage along the body meridian line. The meridian line is connected to the face and the rest of the body and helps in both brightening and lifting when massaged correctly!

removing the mask

The mask is easily removed after it dries.

head massage

One last head massage before I go!

dressing area

Once out of the treatment room, I am escorted to the dressing area where sunscreen and cotton wools are readily available if I need to apply makeup after the facial service.

sunscreen and cotton wools

They can even provide you with a hairdryer and sterilized combs if you need them!

hairdryer and sterilized combs

While preparing myself for the next appointment, Shizuka would also serve me a nice pot of organic herbal tea to complete the entire facial experience. These are specially blended for the purpose of promoting health and beauty from within!

organic herbal tea

So this is how I look after the Herbal Brightening Facial.

after Herbal Brightening Facial

My lines and wrinkles may still be there but my face already feels brighter!

Overall Thoughts on Organics Beauty

The results today may not be as obvious as it was, the first time I tried Organics Beauty but I can still see visible difference before and after each facial. This is really surprising for me as I was one of those who was skeptical about organic facials at the beginning.

Could Organic Facials be really as good as machines and chemical peels?

After trying out Organics Beauty, I'm now a convert!

For the first time, Shizuka made me feel that there is a more natural and gentler alternative to what is commonly prescribed out there. I'm really glad to have found Shizuka and Organics Beauty for my skincare journey and hope that more of you can experience the transformation I had with Shizuka!

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